Senior Photographer with over 15 years experience and a good eye for jewelry and architectural design.


I have an interesting balance of technical and managerial skills that allows me to deliver full support in the shooting, creative Photography, &creative moods.


Photography Coordinator for for more than 10 years.


Photographer FreeLance work for Photoweb and VRX Studios.


I enjoy traveling around the world getting to know my clients’ brands and giving them all the needed support either in photographing, retouching or managing stamp suppliers.


Making your clients love your brand is my passion. Available to a frequent business trip.




Creative & Coordinator Photographer

Photography visualizes a brand and creates an image; it is a key element in your visual identity. 


In order to communicate your brand values consistenly, photography choices have to be made with care.


Pictures should reflect the character and core values of the brand.


Photography can  differentiate your  brand from others chains by expressing your brand values in a variety of ways  & interesting images.


A good photo shoot needs planning and preparation. It´s important for you to spend some time identifying the type of pictures you would like to have in every communication. Brochures and social media have different languages but all of them should represent you.


This process helps you to focus on your vision and prepares you to share it with me during our pre-production meeting.  This will be a time for us to review all your existing material and build your strategy upon your past experiences. Together we will co-create an action plan that supports your vision


Least but not last, we will discuss the roles of the involved staff one week in advance, so you can communicate it to your associates and we all can take the most out of the shooting day.